ITW expands its product range with weighing technology

Birstein, Böß-Gesäß (wm) On 1 January 2021, ITW Industrie-Technik Werth GmbH took over the long-standing partner company Dieter Althaus Wiegetechnik GmbH. In doing so, ITW integrated the production, sales and customer service of the important weighing technology product division. The existing Alpha product line (Alpha I–V) will continue and will be further technically improved. This ensures that existing customers of Althaus Wiegetechnik GmbH will continue to receive spare parts and technical support.

ITW Industrie Technik GmbH takes over Dieter Althaus Wiegetechnik GmbH

Dieter Althaus becomes the new
technical manager

From 1 February 2021, Dieter Althaus will take over the technical management of the ITW company. Mr. Althaus will answer all of your questions regarding weighing technology and is at your disposal to provide general technical advice.

Dieter Althaus