Four side sealing machine FM

Four side sealing machine FM

Packaging machine for classic flat pouches

Packaging machine for packaging piece-dosed products into a bag sealed from all four sides.

Output: 60–80 bags/min
– depending on the product, bag size and film quality
Bag size: max. 240×50 mm
– photo cell control with optional digital image shift
Design: stainless steel or anodized aluminium
Control: Siemens S7 with 7” touchscreen and modern human-machine interface (HMI)


  • Photo cell control
  • Web edge guider
  • Unwinding of packaging material
  • Longitudinal seam cooling


  • Printing systems
  • Gassing equipment
  • Product infeed system
  • Product discharge system
  • Product inspection
  • Metal detector
  • Automatic lift loaders
  • Euro slot hole punching Advantages (among others)


  • One-track production with a variable number of products and bags, adjustable by means of control
  • Very flexible operation without long set-up times
  • Short film stretch from packaging roll to the seal
  • Simple machine principle for uncomplicated maintenance and servicing
  • Modern and clear human-machine interface (HMI) for easy machine operation

Pet food stick production

FM-250-H has proven itself over many years, especially in the case of classic pet sticks. The following options are also available, tailored to this product:

  • Feed conveyor with automatic transfer system to FM
  • Lift loader for stick separation and automatic feeding onto the Feed conveyor
  • Product inspection using a camera sensor

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Four side sealing machine FM

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