Lifting devices

Lifting devices

Lifting devices

Lifting platforms, lifting devices and tilt mechanisms

Simple stainless steel lifting devices for lifting specified goods, tailored to your application. Lifting devices and tilt mechanisms for vertical product feed in various designs. Complex devices with fully automatic or semi-automatic systems and high cycle times are also possible. The size and complexity depends entirely on your requirements.

Device features

  • Motor driven
  • Mobile or static variants
  • Depending on application, with mechanically or electronically monitored chain safety device
  • Simple control with manual operation for simple applications
  • Complex control supported by PLC with speed profiles and interfaces to the downstream machine
  • For automatic solutions with additional position monitoring (traction monitoring) of both columns
  • Protection of persons by means of light grids and/or protective fences
  • Guide system using rollers

Application areas

  • Loading and unloading of weighers onto stands
  • Feeding of products into customer-specific containers
  • Emptying of containers
  • Bunker loading
  • Controlled and regulated tipping into downstream machine

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Lifting devices

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