Filling and distribution systems

Filling and distribution systems

Filling and distribution

Packaging according to customer’s wishes

Filling and distribution systems (MPD) are used to dose products into packages in the correct position after they have been weighed or cut into portions. They can be simple devices that ensure not only proper centring, but also complex distribution systems from one (or even more) product inputs to multiple outputs. To meet the required production cycle times of downstream machines, the systems often consist of cascades and collecting trays. A classic application is distribution from a multi-head weigher to a packaging machine (often a thermoforming machine) that produces several packages in one time.

The special features are as follows:

  • Design with stainless steel construction sheets for parts that come into contact with the product
  • Long production cycle times – Various combinations
  • All hoppers, flaps, collecting trays can be easily removed (without tools)
  • Sets of formats according to project requirements
  • Optionally also with rejecting (exit) positions
  • Mobile version with docking at VPM

We are glad that we can also offer you the transport and separation of packaged goods (e.g. transport of doses, transport of bowls).

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